Game Round 498153


Round Ended 4 months ago
Total Sent Outcome 12
Players 8
Total Bets Placed 12
Total Won 399 satoshi

Wager Room Winners

User Wager Room Won
stout5499 20 57 satoshi
rainmaster 50 99 satoshi

Individual Bet Rankings

20 Satoshi Wager Room

Rank User Won Guessed Amount Actual Amount Difference
1 stout5499 57 Satoshi 13807 12 13794
2 swiftspokes 49 Satoshi 21676 12 21663
3 samx 0 Satoshi 28195 12 28182
4 load1ng 0 Satoshi 28759 12 28746
5 Anonymous 0 Satoshi 31233 12 31220

50 Satoshi Wager Room

Rank User Won Guessed Amount Actual Amount Difference
1 rainmaster 99 Satoshi 5282 12 5269
2 kadargo 97 Satoshi 17219 12 17206
3 rainmaster 97 Satoshi 17713 12 17700
4 rainmaster 0 Satoshi 23339 12 23326
5 rainmaster 0 Satoshi 25511 12 25498
6 rainmaster 0 Satoshi 25861 12 25848
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Rain Pool

Each message you send deducts 5 credits and moves it into the rain pool. These credits are then used to rain on 50 lucky active users every hour. If you don't have 5 credits, you can claim from the faucet

Please respect this chat and don't spam just to buy a ticket for the rain pool lottery (RPL). We are going to take action against spam by chat banning for breaking the following rules

  • Do not post isolated single-word/phrase posts, such as ‘rain’ ’ticket’ ‘+100’ ‘gl all’ ‘ :) ‘ ‘ . ‘ ‘gl’ or ‘good luck all’. These single posts are not fair to the active players that have been genuinely chatting throughout the hour.
  • Do not ask for more rain or for anyone to tip the rainmaster. You can /tip the rainmaster if you want to raise the pot.
  • Do not complain or whine about not getting rained on. There are more players that don’t get rained on than there are that do. Don’t worry, you’ll win soon enough!
  • Nobody likes a rain leecher. If our mods feel that you are posting for the sole purpose of leeching the rain pool, you will be warned. If you continue the same behaviour, you may be banned.


  • /me message - Speak an action message
  • /tip user amount - Tip credits to another user
  • /rain amount numberofusers - Make it rain!
  • /pm user message - Send a PM to another user

Chat rules

Please follow the rules at all times

  • No begging for credits/tips. You will be banned.
  • No inappropriate language, keep it clean. This stands for VIP users as well.
  • Do not spam the chatbox with links. DO NOT PROMOTE "CLOUD MINING", "PONZIES", "MAGIC BITCOIN DOUBLERS". They are all scams and you should stop kidding yourself.
  • You can promote other faucets on our site, in exchange, we expect you will promote us with your referral links on forums and other websites. If you don't respect this, we will not respect you posting your links and you will be chat banned for a certain period of time.
  • Do not make any shady deals or harassment messages in PM to other users.
Rain Pool