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How Good Are You at Guessing? Get The Correct Numbers and Earn FREE Bitcoin

Bitcoin blocks are generated very frequently and the data is available to view on, do you have what it takes to guess the total Bitcoin amount sent on the next block?

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Welcome to BlockFaucet

An innovative Bitcoin faucet with multi-player blockchain-based guessing game

100% FREE Bitcoin

Get free Bitcoin from our game and claiming on the faucet

Provably Fair Guessing

Games based entirely on public Bitcoin data viewable on

Multiplayer Gaming

Battle against other earners and high rollers for the winning position in every round

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Reasons Why BlockFaucet is the Best Bitcoin Faucet

We offer a unique, fun, and innovative multi-player Bitcoin Faucet game playable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
With chances based purely on luck and influence from an outside source, payouts will be incredibly high for winning users, no skill required!
We have an active chatting community who love to discuss all sorts of topics from all over the world while they earn Free Bitcoin with their peers
We take pride in our clean site design and don't believe in showing you ad-filled pages or high-contrast colours, we believe in clean, simple and attractive style

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